Water is life and water is depreseating at a unsustainable rate in Pakistan . Water is the basic requirement and Industry is the largest consumer of water . Textiles consumes 41% of the water demand . Dyeing and Finishing uses 63% of the whole Textile demand , hence Textile Dyeing and Finishing Sector is the single largest consumer of water in the country .

Pakistan is historically a country where there was not a lot of focus on waste water treatment plants , and the industry which had the WWTP used Chemical physical or Chemical Biological Plants which are very expansive in running hence resulting in not being run countinuesly by the Industry .

Looking into this Problem Nortal Corporation joined hands with Simem SpA Italy which is the largest supplier of Waste water treatment plants in the world focused in Textile sector . Simem only provides 100% Biological plants which is the lowest in running cost and all plants are designed on ZDHC desiging keeping in mind water recovery for the future .

Nortal Corporation and Simem has the honor of installing the largest waste water treatment plant of the country in Nishat Dyeing & Finishing lahore with the capacity of 400 m3/h . Currently Nortal Corporation has the largest customer base of 100% Biological waste water treatment plants in the country .